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We seriously have the best job in the world!  We get to... play with makeup, make women feel beautiful, work on OUR schedules from ANYWHERE, make lifelong friendships, travel... and we get paid to do it!  Someone pinch me.  I became an artist in 2017 and it has blessed my life and my family in more ways than I can count.  Helping women gain confidence, find their courage, and radiate positivity is the real goal, and the reward is a sweet one.  


If you are: 

  • Loving your makeup and looking to take your new obsession a step further

  • A stay at home home that wants to help bring in additional income.

  • A college student looking for side money while you are in school

  • Looking for another channel to diversify your household income

  • A hair stylist, beauty professional looking for another product to sell behind the chair

  • Simply looking for an avenue to connect with other like minded women and make friends


If you can identify with ANY of these... you can sign up as an artist and I will train you!  Our team is made up of some of the top leaders in the company and you will have constant support along the way to help you be the most successful boss babe in town.  I would love nothing more than to help you on your journey!


        Join our tribe of smart, dedicated women committed to lifting others, crushing goals, and having a ridiculous amount of fun doing it!

Join the makeup revolution... Seint Beauty!

Here's just a few of the AMAZING perks:

  • Affordable business start-up. Only $199 or $399 for your artist kit

  • No Sales Minimums or monthly purchase requirements. ($12.95 back office fee... that's it!)

  • No Autoship or Inventory to manage (SEINT handles all shipping and returns) 

  • NO Makeup experience needed (you don't have to be a "makeup artist") 

  • Earn Commissions (20-40%) on your personal sales PLUS team bonuses!  

  • Receive store credit and product discounts  (aka FREE MAKEUP for life!)

  • Get paid 5 times each month. Every Friday and then bonuses are paid the 10th of the month!!!

  • Ground Floor Opportunity (Less than 10,000 active artists in the US and Canada)

Get in Here Gorgeous

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